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Vleermuis inventarisatie

Bats surveys and monitoring

In Europe, most bat species are protected by law. This means that knowledge about the presence and distribution of bats within an area is often necessary for projects that may influence bats or their habitats.

Data on the occurrence of bats can be an important input into the development of policies and during planning. In some instances research into bats may be an essential part of an EIA.

At Bureau Waardenburg our bat specialists use a range of methods during their research.

Bat detectors are a key piece of equipment and are almost indispensable. We rely mainly on the Pettersson D240x bat detector. This bat detector allows the recording and slow playback of bat echolocations, which can be essential in the determination of  species. In addition, we also make use of Pettersson D100 and D200 bat detectors as well as Anabats. Anabats enables the automated collection and storage of data in the field without the need for an observer to be present. Data can then be analysised with specialist software (such as Batsound Pro).

Additionally, we make use of endoscopes, lights and mirrors to assess potential roost places for the presence of bats. Infrared and standard cameras can be used to study the movement of bats in relation to wind turbines and mist nets for those occasions requiring the identification of species for which this is only possible in the hand.

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Brown long-eared bat - photo Dirk Kruijt