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Brochure on bat-friendly buildings

Bat-friendly buildings

Suitable places for bats can be created in buildings while also adhering to building regulations.

Spaces for bats in building are disappearing as older buildings are demolished, renovated or insulated and newer buildings often have few spaces for bats.

More than 35 species of bats occur in Europe. A third of these species rely on buildings for roost sites, including cavities in walls or behind wall panneling. As the availability of this type of roost site declines, there is an increased risk that the bat populations will also decline.

A new brochure explains how to create suitable roost places for bats inline with current building regulations. This brochure is aimed at house owners, architects and policy makers. It was created by Erik Korsten of Bureau Waardenburg, under secondment by the Dutch Mammal Society (Zoogdiervereniging). The brochure is available to download from the Eurobats website, who helped fund the translation to English. Download the brochure 'Bat-friendly building' from Eurobats.org.

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