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Our areas of work

In order to provide an overview of the wide range of work carried out by Bureau Waardenburg we have divided these into a number of themes. Within each theme a number of projects are detailed, which provide just a taste of the diverse range of projects that we carry out. 

You can browse these pages to explore the variety of work we cover or search specific topics by using the search function at the top of the page.

Not all pages about projects have been translated into English. At present, only a few projects have an English page. We are currently in the process of translating the remaining pages. In the mean time, if you have a question then please feel free to contact us.

Research and Monitoring

Species-specific surveys can reveal the distribution and numbers within an area. Broader surveys can be used to identify communities within habitats a...

Planning and Management

For assistance with the preparation of environmental and ecological management plans you can rely on Bureau Waardenburg. We work together with our sis...

Impact Assessments

Human actions can have a number of influences on nature. These effects can be assessed by monitoring throughout the process. In addition, specialist s...

Legislation and Regulations

Nature protection legislations and regulations might have to be considered during planning. We provide advice and can carry out assessments at a numbe...

International Projects

We endeavour to share our expertise further afield and regularly undertake projects abroad. We frequently work in countries where nature conservation ...

Innovative Research Methods

Many of our employees have become specialists through their years of experience and many are involved with expert groups. Some staff have built up kno...

Information Systems and Statistics

The use of GIS has become standard in environmental impact assessments, water system analyses, monitoring studies and environmental planning. Field da...

Education and Communication

We share our knowledge and experience with others in a number of ways, including regularly providing courses, through television programmes and by con...