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Effects on aquatic organisms

Investigations into the potential effects of a development on water systems may be necessary. Under the European Water Framework Directive this may even be a requirement, as is the case for waters within, or influencing, Natura 2000 sites.

In many cases the analysis can be carried out based on existing data. If too few data exists, these may have to be collected in the field. In addition to regular monitoring we can also install underwater cameras, which allows extra data to be collected. If necessary, we can also carry out statistical analyses.  

Examples of recent projects includes investigations into the influence of intake of salt water, changes of water management regimes and dredging. We have also carried out a number of assessments falling under the Water Framework Directive. 

Our work does not stop with the transition from fresh to salt water. At Bureau Waardenburg we have an experienced team of marine ecologists and can undertake studies in marine environments. Examples of recent projects includes an appropriate assessment for operations in the Oosterschelde, surveying the ecological damage resulting from the deoxygenation of the Grevelingen and the monitoring of marine life in wind farms in the North Sea. As well as our professional divers we also make use of our underwater cameras.