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Ambon mangroves
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Ambon mangrove trial


In collaboration with Pattimura University we set up a mangrove trial with BESE-elements in Ambon on 6-9 March 2020.

Mangrove forests are vital for coastal protection, especially in areas prone to tsunamis, like Ambon. Often mangrove restoration and outplantings do not succeed due to hydrodynamic conditions that are not suitable for mangrove propagules. 

In the trial, set up at three sites together with university students, outplanting with the help of BESE-elements is tested. It was also the start of our global mangrove experiment that is carried out in close collaboration with NIOZ and BESE.

Dr. Wouter Lengkeek gave a lecture on coastal ecosystem restoration to students and future nature restoration practitioners. Additionally, a collaboration agreement was signed between Pattimura University and Bureau Waardenburg. 

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