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Leefgebiedsplan 'agrarisch landschap' Noord Brabant
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Habitat plan for the agricultural landscape of North-Brabant

In the framework of the habitat approach, we developed a plan for the agricultural landscape of North-Brabant. The habitat approach is not focused on individual species but aims to protect the habitats of groups of species.

The habitat plan for North-Brabant aims to ensure protection for those species for which the agricultural area forms an important habitat. Based on the analysis of the importance of factors such as soil, land use, landscape and hydrological features, species were assigned into groups. 

The plan shows where in the agricultural areas threatened species occur, the potential problems and measures for their conservation and recovery. The measures outlined are those that benefit a number of species and for those areas with the most potential. The plan outlines a total of 32 measures; 12 for fields, five in wooded areas, seven for ditches and pools, three for verges and dykes and five around farmyards. One example of these measures is set-aside.


The aim is that the measures outlined are practical and fit within modern farming. Therefore, a workshop was organised, which aimed to allow discussion with local farmers. During a pilot study the habitat plan was developed and is now forms an integral part of the development of the landscape of North-Brabant.

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