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Agami reigers met satellietzenders in Frans Guyana
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Agami herons followed with satellite transmitters in French Guiana

The expedition team on the floating research platform in the Kaw marshes
Agami heron with transmitter about to be released

The Agami heron Agamia agami is a beautiful elegant South American heron species. Little is known about its whereabouts and behaviour. The species is distribution over a large area but large colonies were unknown until recently one of 2,000 pairs was discovered in French Guiana. The herons breed in the vast Kaw marshes. These are large floodplains with restricted access. It is unknown where the herons feed during the breeding period and where they go after breeding. The habitat availability might be endangered as many waterways are exploited by legal and illegal mining operations, which work both in the flood plain and in the minor river beds.

Support in satellite transmitters and harnesses

GEPOG in partnership with the IRD institute and the Natural reserve (Réserve naturelle des Marais de Kaw-Roura) has started with a conservation project on this special heron species. As a part of this research, several herons will get satellite transmitters to find their feeding habitat en non-breeding habitat. Bureau Waardenburg has long-term experience with herons and satellite transmitters. Therefore we could assist GEPOG with the development of a suitable harness for this elegant species. The project started successfully as we received the first transmitter signals.

This is a Life+ Cap DOM project: The European Union's financial instrument for the environment. A program on knowledge, management and protection of endangered bird species and habitats in Réunion, French Guiana and Martinique.

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