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  • Building with North Sea Nature

    Eco-friendly design of scour protection: potential enhancement of ecological functioning in offshore wind farms: Towards an implementation guide and experimental set-up’... Read more

  • Webcams for monitoring breeding success

    Webcams are being used to monitor terns on artificial breeding islands. Read more

  • Biodegradable structure for habitat improvement

    In a quest for artificial structures for use in the recovery of musselbeds, we have developed a biodegradable structure that can be used in habitat restoration and... Read more

  • Breeding pontoons for Common Terns

    Pontoons have been developed for breeding habitats for Common Terns in Lake Marker. Read more

  • 20 years of wildlife crossings

    A report detailing the last twenty years of our research on wildlife crossings has been produced. This includes abstracts from our various reports, articles and... Read more

Cetacean surveys throughout European waters

In July 2016, Bureau Waardenburg will participate in a European project (called SCANS III) to survey cetaceans in the North Sea and surrounding waters. Involving three ships and seven aircraft, experienced marine mammal observers will survey waters from Portugal to Norway and Scotland through the month of July. Read more >>

Breeding terns monitored remotely

15 March 2016
This season we are remotely monitoring breeding common terns on artificial breeding islands. Read more >>  

20 years of wildlife crossings

25 March 2016

A new report detailing more than 50 studies of over 450 wildlife crossings has recently been made available.

Read more >>  


Bureau Waardenburg is active on Twitter as @buwanl. Tweets are mostly in Dutch but if you see something of interest, get in touch and we'd be happy to translate.