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Bird radar records flight movements in 3D


Robin Radar Systems developed 'Max', a fully integrated 3D bird radar. Bureau Waardenburg is launching customer.

In 2017, Robin Radar Systems launched a full 3D dedicated bird radar that integrates both horizontal and vertical radar in a single system; worldwide the first of its kind. This radar delivers a continuous pulse collecting bird flight data at high spatial and temporal resolution, in 3D and covering a radius of 15 km at up to 1 km altitude.

Currently, we are using 3D radar Max to study nocturnal migration at an operating large wind farm in the Netherlands. The first results show that this kind of 3D bird radar is the next step in understanding bird avoidance behaviour as well as collision risk from infrastructures like wind turbines and above-ground power lines.

New possibilities

Using dedicated full 3D bird radar to assess bird flight behaviour and collision risk at wind farms in the Netherlands.

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