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  • Cameras reveal life of beavers!

    Beaver activity around a lodge was recorded with cameras and microphones. Read more

  • Biodegradable structure for habitat improvement

    In a quest for artificial structures for use in the recovery of musselbeds, we have developed a biodegradable structure that can be used in habitat restoration and... Read more

  • Food shortages for Common Terns

    A multi-year assessment of the common tern colony in the Dutch IJsselmeer has revealed that the breeding success is insufficient. The terns are finding too little food... Read more

  • Migratory Birds and Powerlines

    Guidelines on How to Avoid or Mitigate Impact of Electricity Power Grids on Migratory Birds in the African-Eurasian Region have now been published. AEWA and CMS... Read more

Beavers caught on camera

10 March 2015
Beaver activity around a lodge was captured on camera to establish if and how the lodge was being used. The use of remote cameras and microphones revealed that the beavers were breeding and young were present.

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Workgroup on invasive non-native species in the Wadden Sea

An international workgroup met recently to tackle the issues surrounding invasive non-native species in the Wadden Sea. Bureau Waardenburg made an important contribution to the proposed strategy based on a policy of prevention, early warning, monitoring, risk-assessment and management measures.


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