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  • Webcams for monitoring breeding success

    Webcams are being used to monitor terns on artificial breeding islands. Read more

  • Biodegradable structure for habitat improvement

    In a quest for artificial structures for use in the recovery of musselbeds, we have developed a biodegradable structure that can be used in habitat restoration and... Read more

  • Breeding pontoons for Common Terns

    Pontoons have been developed for breeding habitats for Common Terns in Lake Marker. Read more

  • 20 years of wildlife crossings

    A report detailing the last twenty years of our research on wildlife crossings has been produced. This includes abstracts from our various reports, articles and... Read more

Dutch Arctic terns migrate via Australia

21 May 2013
Arctic terns breeding in the northern part of the Netherlands were fitted with geolocators. These tiny light sensors revealed the route and timing of their spectacular migration across the Atlantic and Indian Oceans to the Antarctic. Two of the marked birds passed southern Australia and one even passed New Zealand on their route towards Wilkes Land in the eastern Antarctic. This route is the longest bird migration route recorded so far and is different to that taken by Arctic terns breeding on Greenland.

eDNA and barcoding for ecological research

1 March 2016
eDNA and Barcoding are being used more and more for surveying particular groups of animal. Bureau Waardenburg is using this method in novel situations.

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Workgroup on invasive non-native species in the Wadden Sea

An international workgroup met recently to tackle the issues surrounding invasive non-native species in the Wadden Sea. Bureau Waardenburg made an important contribution to the proposed strategy based on a policy of prevention, early warning, monitoring, risk-assessment and management measures.


Bureau Waardenburg is active on Twitter as @buwanl. Tweets are mostly in Dutch but if you see something of interest, get in touch and we'd be happy to translate.